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Horsemen, the following licensing applications, bills of sale, lease agreement, Jockey Club "Sold as Retired from Racing" form, and sample training agreement are available for your use.

There are four types of bills of sale dependent on your needed situation. All horses that are sold during the meet must have a bill of sale accompany that transaction approved by the board of stewards. In addition, horsemen have expressed a want for when they sell a horse not located on the track that can help give the horse some protection by way of an anti-slaughter clause. Provided below are three types of bills of sale. One with a section for a notary to fill in and sign, and two without a notary depending on the level of protection you would like; however, all contain anti-slaughter language for the sale of the horse. One is specifically longer and provide to us by way of the Retire Racehorse Project. Again, all are available for your use depending on what you wish to have in your bill of sale.

While many horsemen outright sell horses, we know sometime horsemen will in fact lease a horse. Please find the PDF version available for your use here when you race at Prairie Meadows.

Also, for the extra level of protection that we have been asked about, please see the PDF that is the Jockey Club’s "Sold as Retired from Racing" form. This is a guaranteed way to make sure your horse does not race after you have sold it. This is also the only way to make that occur as the Jockey Club will not recognize any other handwritten or otherwise placed in notation comments about a Thoroughbred not to run again. As registration papers are switching to electronic, we will provide more information on how to handle that process going forward once we have more information from the Jockey Club. Until then, please us the provided form.

As Owners and Trainers begin relationships on the training of the horses, it sometimes can be beneficial to have a written agreement in place. Supplied is a sample of what you as an owner or possible a trainer should have place when entering into the relationship. These agreements are not a requirement for licensing, only a good place to start and possible have on hand if any questions arise as to what should and should not be covered within an owners expenses or a trainers expenses.

While not provided by way of a form, owners and trainers can directly access the necessary I-9 form needed for employment verification. It’s an ever-changing document and as such only a link has been provided.

Also, for quick reference horsemen, provided below are direct links to Equibase for the upcoming or current race meet. This should aid you in accessing information in a timely fashion to condition books, entries, overnights etc.

Bills of Sale

IRGC Applications

The Jockey Club

Sample Training Agreement


Find the most up to date information on racing entries and results via Equibase. Also start your own Virtual Stable with their online account.

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