Benevolence is an important component to the mission of the Iowa HBPA. Benevolence is available to assist in medical, dental, prescriptions, and other health related care expenses. Also benevolence may be applied for in hardship cases or other specific situations as deemed appropriate by the Benevolence Committee and Administrator. Below is an outline of the HBPA guidelines and limits to our benevolence amounts.

Benevolence Guidelines

The Iowa HBPA will honor legitimate claims for benevolence for trainers, grooms, hot walkers and immediate family (spouses and children to age 18) limited to those claims that are approved by the Benevolence Committee, having occurred during the race meet at Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino.

Any claims should be reported to the IA HBPA office as soon as possible. All doctor and dentist appointments must be made through the IA HBPA office, or the claim will not be considered for payment. No claim will be considered unless the proper forms have been completed. Owners, Jockeys, Blacksmiths, Veterinarians are not eligible for benefits. Only HBPA member trainers and their full time employees are eligible for benefits. The ability to receive benevolence from the IA HBPA ends once a person leaves Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino's backside.

Medical Benevolence Limits

A person will be covered up to the following:

  • $1000 for sickness and/or accidents
  • $250 for chiropractic
  • 25% of the bill up to $625 for Maternal or Miscarriage. The first half of the bill must be paid before our payment will be issued.

A person will NOT be covered for the following:

  • Check-ups, physical exams, etc. if not scheduled by a doctor
  • Alcoholism or Drug Addiction Programs
  • Treatment for any nervous, mental, or stress related disorder

Dental Benevolence Limits

A person will be covered up to the following:

  • $850 which includes cleanings, fillings, tooth extraction, x-rays, root canal, and oral surgery.

A person will NOT be covered for the following:

  • Anything considered cosmetic; crowns, bridges, or dentures.
  • Orthodontic treatment, which is defined as the detection, prevention, and correction of abnormalities in the position of the teeth in their relationship to the jaws.

Other Expenses

  • Funeral - $850
  • Hardship - $600
  • Sight Correction - up to $250
  • Coverage on eyeglasses, contacts, and/or eye examination


The Iowa HBPA, Inc. Benefit Trust is a non-profit charitable organization that receives no government funding or public tax revenue. It is not an insurance company and does not assume responsibility for any incurred charge nor does it guarantee approval for any request for assistance. This website should not be construed as a policy, and shall not be considered as an offer to extend assistance, benefits, coverage, or payment. The Fund's guidelines are changed at the sole discretion of the Fund and are modified, extended, altered, and revised from time to time without prior notice. Therefore, any information supplied in any form must not be construed or regarded as creating any express or implied right to the services, coverage, or benefits the Fund may offer.