About Us

Currently there are 1,200 members in the Iowa HBPA, comprised of individuals who have raced during the current and previous calendars years. The Iowa HBPA is also an affiliate member of the National HBPA which is based in Lexington, Kentucky. The National HBPA, which was established in 1940, represents approximately 30,000 owners and trainers in 23 states and Canada.

The Iowa HBPA leadership is comprised of a volunteer Board of Directors and a President. Also two employees are hired to serve the members, Board, and President as the Secretary/Treasurer and Executive Director. The Board and President, selected from current members, are elected to serve three year terms, and are all elected simultaneously for their positions. The Board of Directors is comprised of five Owners and five Trainer or Owner/Trainer Directors. The President position may be filled either by an Owner, Trainer, or Owner-Trainer. The current Board and President were elected in September of 2020, and will be up for reelection in September of 2023. Please see the Leadership section below for our current President, Vice President(s), Board, Secretary/Treasurer, and Executive Director.

The Primary Purposes of the Iowa HBPA as Outlined in our Bylaws

  • To promote the common business interests of its members and improve conditions in the Thoroughbred industry of Iowa within the meaning of Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • To engage in any lawful activities which are in furtherance of the purposes of the Corporation, including, but not limited to:
    • Promotion of federal and state legislation, rules and regulations, and uniform racing policies beneficial to the common interests of horsemen in the State.
    • Negotiation with racetracks on a collective basis on issues affecting the common interests of horsemen including schedules, stakes programs, safety issues, and working conditions.
    • Representation of common interests of horsemen at various meetings and hearings of racing associations, racing commissions and other racing organizations.
    • Improvement of the image of Thoroughbred racing in the State and the relationships between horsemen, other members of the racing industry and the general public.


Benevolence is an important component to the mission of the Iowa HBPA. Benevolence is available to assist in medical, dental, prescriptions, and other health care related expenses. Also, benevolence may be applied for in hardship cases or other specific situations as deemed appropriate by the Benevolence Committee and Administrator. For more specific details on who is covered, what the limits are, and how to apply, please see the Iowa HBPA Benefits and National HBPA Benefits sections.

Supporting the Racing Industry

The Iowa HBPA supports many different organizations within the racing industry. Some of the support goes to the Groom Elite Program (GEP). GEP offers state-of-the-art equine education while providing stable employees the opportunity to attain a higher level of competence working with the equine athletes that make horse racing possible. Typically one to two classes are offered during the racing season in Iowa that are sponsored and run by the Iowa HBPA

Support also goes to the Racetrack Chaplaincy of America to provide moral and physical assistance to those in need. The Racetrack Chaplaincy is an integral part of many racetrack backsides, and works closely with the Iowa HBPA in assisting backside workers with all of life's issues that may confront them.


President: David McShane

1st Vice President: Jeff Hartz

2nd Vice President: Joe Kelly

Owner Directors: Allen Poindexter, Mike Vanderpool, and Bryan Williams

Trainer, Owner / Trainer Directors: Kelly Von Hemel, Brandi Fett, Doug Anderson, Paul Pearson, and Schuyler Condon

Secretary / Treasurer: Michelle McShane

Executive Director: Jon M. Moss