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                             Iowa H.B.P.A. Leadership

President: David McShane

1st Vice President: Jeff Hartz

2nd Vice President: Maria Pauly

Richard Cosaert; Allen Poindexter; Mike Vanderpool

Kelly Von Hemel; Brandi Fett; Doug Anderson; Paul Pearson; Larry Hunt

Executive Director: Jon M. Moss

Jon graduated from the Race Track Industry Program (RTIP) at the University of Arizona (U of A) in December 2006, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Sciences. From there he was hired by the Pennsylvania HBPA (PA HBPA) as the Associate Executive Director. This position based him out of Presque Isle Downs in Erie, PA. until he was hired by the Iowa HBPA in May of 2011

One of Jon's greatest assets, in addition to his formal schooling and work with the PA HBPA,  is his family's racing tradition.  His family has been a fixture on the Nebraska/Midwestern circuit since approximately the late 1920's, until recently with his father retiring from training in 2015.

Overall in his position, he represents horsemen's concerns and wishes when working with Prairie Meadows, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, various horse racing associations, and governmental agencies. His work applies to many topics, e.g. steward's hearings, track surface complaints, backside maintenance, contract negotiation, rule making, law drafting, etc. Jon has helped many horsemen in Pennsylvania & Iowa on a wide range of scenerios.

In addition to his work for the IA HBPA, Jon is also the President for the local Horse Rehabilitation and Adoption Program at Prairie Meadows, call HART (Hope After Racing Thoroughbreds). Jon has been on the Board as Vice President and now President since it's founding in 2011. He does a great amount of work to make sure Thoroughbreds from Prairie Meadows find homes or are given the time or surgery needed to transition into new homes. HART is a working group of IA HBPA, ITBOA, Priarie Meadows, and Iowa Racing and Gaming working together to benefit the Thoroughbreds that run at Prairie Meadows.

On a national level, Jon serves as the Chair for the National HBPA's Public Relations Committee. He also is on National Committees for: Benefit Providers, Medication, Thoroughbred Aftercare, and WAGI. He also serves as an advisor on National Assistance and to the Board of Directors for the National Thoroughbred Legal Defense Fund.

Ultimately Jon's goal is to continue the motto of “Horsemen Helping Horsemen”. Be it thorough benevolence such as helping pay for medical expenses, or protection in the form of contract negotiations and working on a variety of issues in between.

Jon  and his wife, Victoria live close to the track where they enjoy watching the races almost every race day during the summer.

Secretary Treasurer: Michelle McShane