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                             Iowa H.B.P.A. Leadership

President: Leroy Gessmann

Since 1996 I have been licensed as an owner at Prairie Meadows, and was elected HBPA President in 2002, after serving as Vice President for three years.

My wife, Ann, and I reside in Grimes, Iowa. We own and manage a chain of nine Okoboji Grill restaurants in Iowa with over 400 employees and have been in business for over 25 years. Contract negotiations are a major business necessity. This experience has assisted me in negotiating with Prairie Meadows management on a multitude of issues such as purses, racing dates, supplement percentages, stake schedules as well as many everyday issues.

I have been involved in the passage of two different legislative laws that has secured the future of thoroughbred racing in Iowa by accomplishing the following: Fortified 11% of casino revenue for purses; Established a minimum 67 day Thoroughbred meet; Protected the Iowa supplement fund at 20% of the purse fund; Made Advance Deposit Wagering legal in Iowa with 50% of the net proceeds going to purses; Removed the sunset clause that would have ended racing in 2021; Eliminated the eight year referendum requirement.  All of these things contribute to a bright future for racing and breeding in Iowa.

The past four years I have also served as a Regional Vice President for the National HBPA and have been appointed to several NHBPA committees.  Working with the National HBPA team, and leaders of other affiliates from around the nation, has been a rewarding experience which has helped me with our endeavors in Iowa. Some of my past objectives established the Groom Elite and I-Care Health programs.

My future goals are to negotiate more racing opportunities and institute an Advance Deposit Wagering format that is beneficial for Iowa horsemen.

I will continue to uphold the HBPA motto of “Horsemen Helping Horsemen.”

Vice President: Warren Bush

During my terms on the board I have attempted to become acquainted with as many industry people as possible and have tried to learn of and address the concerns of owners and trainers.  I know what a tough industry we are involved in but have encouraged thoroughbred owners and trainers to make peace with the other horse groups and Prairie Meadows because I knew that we could not get anything through the legislatively unless everyone agreed.  Current legislation gives us incentive to build the thoroughbred industry here in Iowa because we now know that “the rug cannot now be pulled from under us”.  We need to continue to maintain a positive relationship with other horse groups and Prairie Meadows. All members need to become acquainted with their legislators so relationships will be there if we need to call on them in the future. Using my legal training and experience I have reviewed some documents, by-laws, made interpretations, and suggested changes that I think gave board members some comfort.  If re-elected I will continue to offer that expertise.  I have also recently formed The Fun One Hundred Racing Stable which has brought a group of novice owners into the industry at a low investment level. This group has brought a new degree of excitement, and may provide a blueprint to follow in the future.

Your board is not a group of “rubber stampers”.  We speak up and explore issues from various angles while maintaining civility, and that is important.  I am not shy about raising concerns about how the horsemen are treated and the lack of proper marketing of horse racing by Prairie Meadows, which are my current points of focus.

Richard Cosaert:

My wife, Vickie and I live on a farm south of Logan, Iowa.  We have two grown sons.  I am recently retired and have more time to spend with our thoroughbreds and volunteering. We have been racing since 1984 when we bought our first horse at the Ak-Sar-Ben summer sale.

I have served as a director of the ITBOA.  I have worked with many nice people and learned more about the racing industry.  I feel you have to be active in any organization to get the most out of it.  You have to know your legislator and fight for what you think is right. We have a lot of exciting times and opportunities ahead of us. 

Allen Poindexter:

I was born in 1948 in Springfield, MO. I was raised on a small self-supporting farm with 8 siblings and joined the US Marines Corp & Reserves from 1967 to 1973.Married to Ruth and I have three daughters Teri, Lori and Amber and two granddaughters Addie & Avery. 

I went into a business partnership as a mechanical contractor performing plumbing and HVAC in 1981 and opened Allen’s Mechanical in 1999 to present. Currently I have 30 to 50 employees and we specialize in hospitals and federal government projects. I began racing horses in the late 80’s and owned Liberty Farms in Midway, KY for three years. At present I have 35 horses in training and 35 brood mares foaling in various states. I bring all my regional mares to my farm in Missouri after foaling and raise all those babies until they are yearlings. My favorite thing in the horse business is to watch them grow and become racers. At that time I choose which are going to be sold and which are going to the race track.

In 2010 I was leading Owner at Oaklawn Park and leading Co-Owner at Remington Park.  I am very proud that in 2012

I was the TOBA award winner as the leading breeder in Iowa. I hope to be able to accomplish that in the future, and continue to raise quality racing stock. I support Iowa racing in any way I can and I hope to be a difference maker in the future and to improve the quality of racing in the state of Iowa


Loretta McClintock:

I am a resident of Centerville, IA in the southern part of the state.  I, along with my husband, Dr. William McClintock, have owned and operated our family Thoroughbred farm since 1990. 

I am a graduate of Iowa State University with a double major in Animal Science and Agricultural Journalism.  My equine interests have been spread over Horse Racing, Western Horse Show events and Barrel Racing.  We have had the good fortune to campaign some great horses in Iowa racing and work diligently to constantly improve our program.

Our farm began as a breeding farm and progressed into a foaling/boarding and training/conditioning center.  We still stand Thoroughbred stallions, and in 2011 added a Quarter Horse stallion to our roster.  I have had hands on experience with the breeding, foaling, halter and saddle training of the young horses and conditioning of older, experienced racehorses.  Our veterinary practice is over 50% equine and has allowed me to understand many of the health issues relating to horse racing.  I feel that all of these experiences give me a strong appreciation of what makes the racing business so interesting and challenging.   I have realized, as we all should, that it is the people who work with the horses every day and who love this business as a lifestyle are those who will keep our sport rewarding and fulfilling, both economically emotionally.  I feel that since I have experience in so many varied roles within the horse industry that I could be a fair and practical voice for the Horsemen in the state of Iowa.

I have served as a Director of the IHBPA board for the last three years..

Kelly VonHemel:

My entire family has been in racing all their lives. In 1985 I held my first trainer’s license and served on the Nebraska HBPA board for six years and then went on to nine years for the Iowa HBPA Board.  My bother, Donnie K., serves on the Oklahoma HBPA Board and my Father, Don, is on the HBPA board in Arkansas. While on the Iowa board I was a member of the committee that met bi-weekly with management to resolve problems with horsemen and/or any stable area concerns. I was honored to be inducted in the Prairie Meadows Hall of Fame in 2013.

I am looking forward to serve on the Iowa HBPA Board of Directors.

Dick Clark:

I have been training horses since the 1970's when I sold my restaurant in Nebraska. I have trained in numerous states including Nebraska, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, New Jersey, Louisiana, Arkansas, Minnesota and Iowa. I acquired my first leading trainer title in Columbus, NE. and then in Turf Paradise in Arizona. I am also a member of Prairie Meadows Hall of Fame.

I have owned, bred and trained for a number of years and feel that my experience in the racing businesses is exceptional. I served as lAHBPA President from the early nineties through 2002. l was instrumental in getting simulcasting in Iowa and getting a 5 year contract signed with Prairie Meadows that provided for the most number of race days that we have ever run for.

Tim Martin:

 I am from Royal Arkansas; I have lived there for 30 years. I have two daughters, Megan and Rachel; they are the love of my life. I have been around the world of horse racing/training much of my whole life.

I have two training centers in Arkansas, both near Hot Springs. I have been Racing/Training at Prairie Meadows for 10+ years now. I have raced horses all over the Midwest, as well as the East Coast.

I provide high quality training to my many owners, I take pride in the work that I do, and I strive to give each and every owner the best training possible. You can find me pretty much anytime around the race track doing one thing or another. I operate large stables here in Iowa as well as Arkansas.

I am currently on the board in Arkansas. feel that the knowledge I have gained during my experiences training and horse racing will prove valuable in working to make racing in Iowa the best it can be. I feel it is important to take time to listen to all parties involved when discussing racing in Iowa, and I feel that there are many opportunities to make things better.

Doug Anderson:

I was raised in Nebraska and was first licensed as an Owner/Trainer in that state. I would like to help promote the thoroughbred interest in Iowa and help nationally also. I am interested in working with management on issues such as schedules, stakes, programs and working conditions and am a part of the IHBPA/Management meetings.

I also serve on the Benevolence committee and review medical and dental claims for the backside employees. My wife Cathy and I have been involved in Thoroughbred racing for many years and I know the needs of owners and trainers.

Executive Director: Jon M. Moss

Jon graduated from the Race Track Industry Program (RTIP) at the University of Arizona (U of A) in December 2006, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Animal Sciences. From there he was hired by the Pennsylvania HBPA (PA HBPA) as the Associate Executive Director. This position based him out of Presque Isle Downs in Erie, PA. until he was hired by the Iowa HBPA in May of 2011

One of Jon's greatest assets, in addition to his formal schooling and work with the PA HBPA,  is his family's racing tradition.  His family has been a fixture on the Nebraska/Midwestern circuit since approximately the late 1920's, until recently with his father retiring from training in 2015.

Overall in his position, he represents horsemen's concerns and wishes when working with Prairie Meadows, the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, various horse racing associations, and governmental agencies. His work applies to many topics, e.g. steward's hearings, track surface complaints, backside maintenance, contract negotiation, rule making, law drafting, etc. Jon has helped many horsemen in Pennsylvania & Iowa on a wide range of scenerios.

In addition to his work for the IA HBPA, Jon is also the President for the local Horse Rehabilitation and Adoption Program at Prairie Meadows, call HART (Hope After Racing Thoroughbreds). Jon has been on the Board as Vice President and now President since it's founding in 2011. He does a great amount of work to make sure Thoroughbreds from Prairie Meadows find homes or are given the time or surgery needed to transition into new homes. HART is a working group of IA HBPA, ITBOA, Priarie Meadows, and Iowa Racing and Gaming working together to benefit the Thoroughbreds that run at Prairie Meadows.

On a national level, Jon serves as the Chair for the National HBPA's Public Relations Committee. He also is on National Committees for: Benefit Providers, Medication, Thoroughbred Aftercare, and WAGI. He also serves as an advisor on National Assistance and to the Board of Directors for the National Thoroughbred Legal Defense Fund.

Ultimately Jon's goal is to continue the motto of “Horsemen Helping Horsemen”. Be it thorough benevolence such as helping pay for medical expenses, or protection in the form of contract negotiations and working on a variety of issues in between.

Jon is now an Iowa resident, and he and his wife, Victoria live close to the track where they enjoy watching the races almost race day during the summer.